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About Us

This brand originates from two different desires.  The first desire was that we wanted to pursue lives of serving Christ.  For years, our team worked in the fitness industry as strength coaches and personal trainers. But we felt a calling for something different, something so much bigger than ourselves that we didn’t even know what that calling was. All we knew was this it was time for us to take the next step in our journey towards serving the Lord.  What has manifested from that calling is this clothing brand, but at the time all we knew was that we wanted to talk about God with others, and encourage other Christians to share the word of God with the communities around them.  We wanted other men and women of faith to not fear persecution from the world, but instead to thrive in spreading the truth of their salvation in Christ to everyone who was within their influence. We knew that we wanted to touch people’s souls and connect them to God, but we just didn’t know how. After much prayer and deliberation, we realized that clothing was an access point into the way that people express themselves to the world around them. 

Clothing, whether we are aware of it or not, communicates a huge message about who we are to the people around us. With that being the case, we decided that we could create a platform for others to communicate their love of Christ by providing them with clothing that spoke messages of truth and faith, messages that demonstrated a true love for Jesus, and messages that encouraged more conversation about God. To many, it may just seem like clothes that have Christian sayings on them.  But to us, these clothes represent so much more; they represent a deep and God-lead desire to serve the Lord in all possible ways, the drive to passionately live in the truth that we are all blessed and highly favored, and most of all they represent a commitment by everyone who wears our clothing to Make Room for God.

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